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Using our specialist education and health services in your education setting is a long-term investment with sustainable results. We demonstrate the impact of our involvement, ensuring we are constantly working towards providing an efficient and cost effective service that maximises results.

Education setting fund our services in a variety of ways. Below are some of the ways are services are funded:

Element 1, 2 & 3 funding

Element 1 funding is provided to meet the needs of all students and is used to fund systemic work which benefits all students within an education setting;  through training and other systemic approaches.

Element 2 funding is also known as the notional SEND budget. This can fund specialist SEND systemic work, interventions, specific assessments and consultations, which benefit individual or multiple SEND students.

Element 3 funding covers statutory input, interventions and equipment stated within education, health and care plans. Our education and health professionals can be funded by each funding element according to your needs.

Catch-up premium

Secondary schools can use pupil catch-up premium for literacy and numeracy interventions, groups or training.

Pupil premium

Pupil premium is available to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils to close learning gaps between them and their peers. Our specialist team can raise attainment through an individual, targeted and systemic level in order to make pupil premium funding stretch without compromising on the quality of service.

Looked after status

If your education setting has any children with looked after or adopted status then our specialist service can work directly with those children to support them in their learning through allocated funding.

Are there any innovative solutions to funding our service?

We are aware of the limitations faced by education settings due to funding, and we have come up with some innovative solutions to funding our services. A service level agreement  gives your setting the flexibility to plan provision in advance which is cost effective.

Cluster groups

A number of education settings could join a cluster group to pay for our education and health services and share the allocated time between settings, or attend training sessions together. Secondary schools could share funding with feeder primary schools to support the transition between years 6 and 7. By using our service across the two years and settings your students will not only benefit from our services, but have a team who know those benefiting from the catch-up premium. Working with students during year 6 puts students in a strong position when starting secondary school.

Assistants and support services

Interventions, training, group work and a number of assessments can be provided by our assistants and support staff for a cost effective service. Our assistants and support staff have extensive experience and knowledge of education and special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Parental contribution

We accept parental contributions towards our input within an education setting. The ratio of funding is at the discretion of the setting.

Split the cost of training and consultancy

When you commission our services you may want to advertise our services to other educational settings or professionals. If you have a service level agreement with us for consultancy or training which you will not use, you can advertise to other settings and provide them with the option of purchasing your service. Training options are very popular in terms of selling spaces within a training event. Through splitting the cost in this way more individuals can benefit from our specialist knowledge and input. It may be that you have purchased a number of drop-in sessions from our team and would like to extend the invitation to other settings for a price.

Personal budget

Personal budgets from education, health and care plans provides parents with the freedom of commissioning the services listed within the plan. When parents and education settings work together to commission external services, the joined-up approach towards a child or young person's education becomes strengthened.

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