SENCO supervision

We provide specialist SENCO supervision services to SENCOs in all education settings for a broad range of needs.

What is SENCO supervision?

SENCO supervision is an opportunity to receive professional guidance and development through structured conversations or discussions. Supervision is essential in therapeutic and clinical roles, and the benefits it brings also supports SENCOs in their role. Having the time and support to think strategically about one's own practice and role has a positive impact on SEND provision.

Effective supervision is important in promoting good standards of practice, and supervisors should be available to practitioners as an important source of advice and expertise. ... Working to ensure children are protected from harm requires sound professional judgements to be made. It is demanding work that can be distressing and stressful.

Working together to safeguard children, 2010

Who provides our SENCO supervision services?

Our SENCO supervision services are provided by experienced SENCOs who understand the pressures and challenges faced within the role. We have SENCOs providing supervision who have worked in early years settings, primary schools and secondary schools.

How do we provide SENCO supervision?

Our SENCO supervision sessions are available through multiple formats in order to best suit you. Our supervision services can take place in person, over the phone, via email or via Skype. Supervision needs will vary which is why our services are available in a standalone and ongoing capacity. This range of supervision services can be used according to needs experienced within the SENCO role.

What happens during SENCO supervision?

Each supervision session will begin with a summary of shared expectations and an agreement on what the specific session will focus on. Areas covered may include:

  • Cognition and learning needs
  • Social, emotional and mental health needs
  • Physical and/or sensory needs
  • Communication and interaction needs
  • Leadership
  • SEND register
  • Provision
  • Inclusion
  • Alternative curriculums
  • Liaison
  • Strategic reviews
  • Engaging teachers and teaching assistants

Over the course of a supervision session new issues may come to light, and in this case the decision will be made jointly between the supervisor and the SENCO.

Next steps

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  • Step 3.Commission EHP accountable process which supports assures and develops the knowledge, skills and values of an individual, group or team. The purpose is to improve the quality of their work to achieve agreed outcomes.

Providing effective supervision, 2007

What are the benefits of receiving specialist SENCO supervision?

Receiving specialist SENCO supervision brings many benefits as it:

  • Improves the quality of work
  • Increases objectivity
  • Addresses concerns
  • Professional and expert advice
  • Identifies training needs
  • Supports SENCOs in their role
  • Challenges fixed views
  • Shares the responsibility of decisions
  • Supports problem-solving
  • Provides opportunities to ask questions
  • Increase mastery of strategies, systems or techniques
  • Provides professional development
  • Addresses the emotional impact of work
  • Supports difficult decisions

Our SENCO supervision services are suitable for new and experienced SENCOs. New SENCOs can receive advice and guidance by experienced SENCOs to support them in their new role. Experienced SENCOs can improve the quality of their work and discuss challenges within their role. Our SENCO supervision services support SENCOs in their role, and support has been found to lead to higher rates of teacher retention.

Factors found to be associated with retention included job satisfaction, having adequate resources, reward and recognition and being well supported by management. ...

The teachers we interviewed said they wanted more non-teaching time to plan, to reflect on their own practices and to learn from others. Managing workload had, in their view, prevented them from having any spare time for effective planning and reflection.

National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER): Engaging Teachers: NFER Analysis of Teacher Retention

How often should SENCOs receive supervision?

The amount and frequency of supervision for a SENCO is determined by many factors such as professional experience, challenging circumstances and need for professional support.

SENCO supervision provides professional expertise for a range of circumstances and offers practical and emotional support. Supervision is a proactive method of problem-solving, developing as a professional and maximising the impact of SENCOs.


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