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Our SEND consultancy services are available to all mainstream primary schools to support SEND needs.

What SEND consultancy services do we offer to mainstream primary schools?

The SEND consultancy services we offer to mainstream primary schools support SEND needs present. We offer services on an individual, targeted and whole school level.

How do we work on an individual level?

SEND consultancy work on an individual level can involve reviewing provision for an individual pupil, problem solving in relation to their needs, their placement within a school or even exclusion. One example of how we work on an individual level includes advising on Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan applications.

How do we work on a targeted level?

There are many ways in which our SEND consultants can work on a targeted level. Targeted groups can refer to specific year groups, key stages, pupils with SEND or staff groups within a mainstream primary school. Our SEND consultants provide a broad range of services on a targeted level, including:

  • Setting up provisions (nurture or inclusion rooms)
  • Provision mapping
  • Transitions
  • Parental workshops
  • Behaviour programmes
  • Intervention input

SEND consultancy on a targeted level is bespoke to each school according to their needs. Our SEND consultants adapt to the dynamics and needs within each school.

How do we work on a whole school level?

Our SEND consultants can work on a whole school level in many ways within a mainstream primary school. Sharing specialist expertise and knowledge assists in the development of the school, staff and pupils. Our whole school work is bespoke, and specific work we can offer include:

  • Procedure and policies reviews
  • Inclusion
  • Specialist provisions
  • SEND reviews or audits
  • Ofsted preparation and response
  • Data analysis to identify needs

Working on a whole school level facilitates positive systemic change. The above list is not exhaustive so please get in touch to discuss the SEND consultancy work we offer.

Our SEND consultancy services support mainstream primary schools with SEND requirements through providing a cost effective service which achieves value for money and improved outcomes. Mainstream primary schools choose the way in which they would like their SEND consultancy services to be provided. To find out more about our SEND consultancy services or to book an initial discussion, please email us via or phone us on 0330 088 8408.

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