SENCO training

We provide specialist training to SENCOs based on national learning outcomes which respond to SENCOs' and schools' needs. Our SENCO training can also take place within our SENCO network meetings.

What training do we provide?

Training is designed around the role of a SENCO for maximum impact. Our SENCO training events run throughout the year, examples of training events include:

  • Early identification of SEND
  • Effective evidence-based interventions for specific areas of need
  • Effective paperwork
  • Measuring impact of interventions
  • Promoting inclusion
  • Supervising education staff
  • Differentiation
  • Updated and new government legislations and guidelines
  • Leadership
  • Provision mapping
  • Improving outcomes for students with SEND
  • Strategic working and co-ordination
  • Person-centred approaches
  • Critical evaluation of evidence
  • Using data analysis efficiently
  • Observation
  • Reviews and audits
  • Efficient use of resources

We appreciate the difficulties in arranging time to attend training events which is why we provide advanced notice of our SENCO training events. If your school has a service level agreement with EHP then emails will be sent informing you of upcoming events.

Can we provide training to academy trusts or cluster schools?

Yes we can. Our SENCO training services can be provided externally to all SENCOs in addition to onsite for all SENCOs within an academy trust or a group of cluster schools. When SENCO training is commissioned for academy trusts or a group of cluster schools then we can provide bespoke training according to needs.


Our training is available on and off site for education settings and organisations in relation to health, psychology and education.

Why is SENCO training important?

SENCO training is important in order to ensure that skills and knowledge bases are kept up to date and relevant. SENCOs are often required to provide in house training to school staff, this means that they should ensure that the training taking place should include updated research, legislation and guidelines which changes over time.

How do I book bespoke SENCO training?

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SENCO training provides specialist knowledge in relation to the diverse role of a SENCO. Our SENCO training is an opportunity to learn new skills and update existing knowledge bases.

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