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We work with Governors to identify and respond effectively to needs within all education settings through our flexible, bespoke and multidisciplinary education and health service.

How do we work with Governors?

We work directly and indirectly with Governors. When working directly with Governors our role revolves around consultation and training. When working indirectly with Governors we can carry out a broad range of services based on recommendations and suggestions.


Our training is available on and off site for education settings and organisations in relation to health, psychology and education.

How can Governors commission our services?

Governors can commission our services in an ongoing capacity for regular work through a service level agreement , in addition to a case by case basis . To find out more about commissioning our services please email or call 0330 088 8408.

How can Governors refer to our specialist education and health services?

Governors can refer to our specialist education and health services via their school if they already use our services, or through emailing or calling 0330 088 8408.


Our services can be funded through a variety of ways.

What are the benefits of using EHP?

The benefits of using EHP in an education setting can be seen through the impact of our services within a setting. Benefits of using EHP include:

  • A cost effective, onsite high quality specialist education and health service
  • Improvements in attendance
  • A flexible service which adapts to the needs within a setting
  • Achieving greater value for money and improved outcomes
  • An integrated multidisciplinary service
  • Maximising wellbeing, potential and progress

Price promise

We are happy to discuss how we can match or better any existing education and health provision you may be currently receiving from either the local authority or another provider.

Which children and young people do we work with?

We work with all children and young people with all areas and levels of educational, mental and physical needs.

Where do our services take place?

Our integrated multidisciplinary services are best when taking part onsite, within an education setting. There may be times when it is more appropriate for services to take place within one of our clinics across Greater Manchester and Merseyside, or an alternative venue due to specialist equipment. 

When would Governors require input from EHP?

Governors could require input from EHP due to unmet needs within an education setting, or due to a recommendation from a colleague. Our services work on an individual, targeted and whole school level to bring benefits and support to all.

Free initial discussion

We provide a free initial discussion as part of our cost effective service for education settings and organisations we have not previously worked with.

Governors play an important role in the running of an education setting and can bring about positive change. Our specialist service can help Governors to implement measures within schools to support children, young people and education staff. To find out more, or to discuss a need then please get in touch by emailing or calling 0330 088 8408.

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If you would like to find out more about the services we offer or to book a free initial discussion then please contact us not on 0330 088 8408 or email

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