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School commissioned SENCO

We provide schools with the option to commission a qualified and experienced SENCO to meet their needs.

What do SENCOs do?

The SENCO role involves overseeing the identification, provision and support of students who have special educational needs or disabilities (SEND).

It may be appropriate for a number of smaller primary schools to share a SENCO employed to work across the individual schools, where they meet the other requirements set out in this chapter of the Code. Schools can consider this arrangement where it secures sufficient time away from teaching and sufficient administrative support to enable the SENCO to fulfil the role effectively for the total registered pupil population across all of the schools involved.

Where such a shared approach is taken the SENCO should not normally have a significant class teaching commitment. Such a shared SENCO role should not be carried out by a headteacher at one of the schools.

SEND code of practice (2015)

What is difference between an internal and a school commissioned SENCO?

The main difference between an internal and a school commissioned SENCO is the amount of time spent fulfilling their role. School commissioned SENCOs can be commissioned for a set time, for example one day a week, to be a supporting, or to be the acting, SENCO within a school. Our school commissioned SENCOs carry out the same key responsibilities as stated in the SEND code of practice (2015).

The key responsibilities of the SENCO may include:

  • Overseeing the day-to-day operation of the school's SEN policy
  • Co-ordinating provision for children with SEN
  • Liaising with the relevant Designated Teacher where a looked after pupil has SEN
  • Advising on the graduated approach to providing SEN support
  • Advising on the deployment of the school's delegated budget and other resources to meet pupils' needs effectively
  • Liaising with parents of pupils with SEN
  • Liaising with early years providers, other schools, educational psychologists, health and social care professionals, and independent or voluntary bodies
  • Being a key point of contact with external agencies, especially the local authority and its support services
  • Liaising with potential next providers of education to ensure a pupil and their parents are informed about options and a smooth transition is planned
  • Working with the headteacher and school governors to ensure that the school meets its responsibilities under the Equality Act (2010) with regard to reasonable adjustments and access arrangements
  • Ensuring that the school keeps the records of all pupils with SEN up to date

SEND code of practice (2015)

In which circumstances would a school commissioned SENCO be beneficial?

SENCO needs within schools differ in the same way SEND needs do which means that there are various circumstances when a school commissioned SENCO would be beneficial. Examples of such circumstances include:

  • When minimal SENCO support is required
  • When additional SENCO provision is necessary to meet needs
  • When hiring a suitable SENCO is difficult
  • When a shared SENCO is not an option
  • When a teacher is not available to fulfil the role of SENCO
  • When a SENCO is on leave and their replacement is not qualified to be a SENCO

To find out whether a school commissioned SENCO would benefit a school, please get in touch now.

Who we work with

Our specialist services can be accessed by education, health and other professions working with children and young people.

What are the benefits of using a school commissioned SENCO through EHP?

The benefits of using a school commissioned SENCO will vary according to the specific circumstances of the school. Common benefits of using a school commissioned SENCO include:

  • Access to a broad range of screening and assessment measures
  • Increasing the teaching capacity of internal teachers
  • Simple timetabling for SENCO responsibilities
  • Supervision is included for specialist support
  • Access to specialist training from our SENCO
  • Cost effective solution should a full time SENCO not be viable

Our school commissioned SENCO service provides schools with a qualified and experienced SENCO. Our SENCO has access to the wider EHP multidisciplinary team and uses this access to facilitate the co-ordination of support for children and young people with SEND.

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