SENCO consultancy

We provide a broad range of whole school project-based consultancy services to SENCOs in all types of schools.

What consultancy services do we offer to SENCOs?

We offer a variety of consultancy services to SENCOs in order to help them with their responsibilities. Our consultancy services are tailored to needs and settings, meaning that our consultancy services can be used to support SENCOs with any area of their role, including:

  • SEND policies
  • SEND provision
  • Working alongside new SENCOs
  • Working alongside SENCOs who have not yet achieved NASENCO
  • Designing monitoring systems to support SEND provision
  • Selecting, monitoring and analysing interventions
  • Reviews and audits
  • Future planning

Our SENCO consultancy services provide specialist bespoke support for all areas of need SENCOs may experience.

How do we provide SENCO consultancy services?

SENCO consultancy services are provided around SENCOs' schedules and budgets for our input. Consultancy can be provided for a fixed period of time or through a service level agreement.

How can our SENCO consultancy services be used?

Our SENCO consultancy services can be used on a specialist, targeted and a whole school level. Working on each level broadens the scope of consultancy support we can provide, bringing many benefits to SENCOs and schools.

Our SENCO consultancy services are bespoke to the needs of SENCOs and their specific schools and requirements. Consultancy services can have a long-term impact through implementing sustainable ideas and adaptations.

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