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Critical Incident Team

Our Critical Incident Team promotes emotional wellbeing in education settings during critical incidents which could cause great distress to children, young people and staff.

What does EHP's Critical Incident Team do?

EHP's Critical Incident Team is immediately accessible to support children, young people and staff following a critical incident. Therapeutic support, counselling and strategic planning ensures that all areas of concern are supported. Our team is also available for follow up support for individuals who have struggled to overcome the critical incident.

What is a critical incident?

A critical incident is any event which causes significant distress for children, young people and staff within an education setting. A critical incident prevents the regular running of an education setting due to:

  • The death of a member of staff
  • The death of a child or young person
  • A fire
  • Flooding
  • A local disaster
  • A bomb scare
  • An attack
  • An event which has caused a public outrage
  • A serious accident affecting children, young people or staff
  • A serious safeguarding incident

The above list is not exhaustive as there are many events which would be classified as a critical incident. It is possible that a critical incident is largely limited to an isolated year group.

Which professionals from within EHP are in our Critical Incident Team?

In order to provide holistic support for a variety of needs, our Critical Incident Team is made up of:

  • Clinical and Educational psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Special educational needs consultants
  • School nurses
  • Mental health professionals
  • Counsellors

When more than one professional is required then the appropriate specialists will be provided depending on the critical incident.

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What services can our Critical Incident Team deliver?

Critical incidents can impact the whole school, and it is for this reason that the services provided by our Critical Incident Team are available and accessible for children, young people and school staff.

Prior to input from our Critical Incident Team we will confirm expectations for our involvement in addition to your priorities.

Services we provide can include:

  • Consultancy
  • Therapeutic interventions
  • Counselling
  • Informing individuals of the incident
  • Managing distress
  • Advising on next steps
  • Communicating with the press
  • Liaising with relevant agencies
  • Facilitating small group discussions
  • Informing parents and carers
  • Follow up support

The services provided will be bespoke to your setting and the critical incident which has taken place. In situations where a critical incident management plan is in place then our professionals can fulfil specific roles.

What do our Critical Incident Team provide for the whole school?

In addition to our services which are available immediately following a critical incident, our Critical Incident Team also provide whole school work to prepare children, young people and staff for critical incidents. A preemptive approach is beneficial to education settings where there are high risks of critical incidents.

Examples of whole school work we provide includes:

  • Critical incident management plans
  • Critical incident management reviews
  • Critical incident training
  • Promoting resilience through the curriculum
  • Preparing children and young people for loss and bereavement

Whole school preventative work facilitates any actions which will need to be taken following a critical incident, in addition to promoting resilience and emotional wellbeing among children, young people and staff.

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Why use EHP's Critical Incident Team?

EHP's Critical Incident Team brings many benefits to education settings during a potentially distressing time. Some of the reasons to use our specialist Critical Incident Team include:

  • Immediate access to a multidisciplinary professional team
  • Mental health and psychological input appropriate for all levels and ages
  • A sensitive and efficient approach towards all children and young people, including those with special educational needs
  • A bespoke service
  • A reduction of pressure on staff to face all children and young people's reactions
  • A smooth and controlled transition back to "normal" school running

At EHP, our specialist mental health professionals work well with education settings during critical incidents and reduce distress as much as possible. Providing children, young people and staff with mental strategies, opportunities to discuss what has happened and prepare for the future facilitates emotional and mental healing.

Who can access our Critical Incident Team?

Our Critical Incident Team can be accessed by all education settings and local authorities.

How can you request input from our Critical Incident Team?

Requesting input from our Critical Incident Team is simple. For preemptive critical incident services then you can get in touch by phone, or through returning a completed request form via email.

Following a critical incident our input can be requested by phoning 0330 088 8408.

Our Critical Incident Team is available for preemptive and post critical incident support. EHP's specialist multidisciplinary team consists of mental health, psychology and educational professionals to fulfil your needs. Promoting emotional wellbeing and providing mental health support facilitates a transition back to everyday school life.

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If you would like to find out more about the services we offer or to book a free initial discussion then please contact us not on 0330 088 8408 or email

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