Disabled students' allowance (DSA) needs assessments

We provide needs assessments for students who are eligible for the disabled students' allowance (DSA).

What is the disabled students' allowance?

The DSA is a government grant to assist students who require additional support to attend a further education course due to their disability or additional need. The DSA funds specialist equipment or software which a student would only need because of their course. The fund may also pay for non-medical help (NMH) which includes services such as scribes.

What is a needs assessment?

A needs assessment takes place to assess what equipment or services would help with your studies. Following the assessment you will receive a report which lists the equipment and other support you can get through the DSA for your course.

Who can have a needs assessment?

Needs assessments are for individuals who have disabilities which impact their studies. When applying for student finance you can apply for the DSA at the same time. You should hear whether you are eligible within 6 weeks of your application.

The majority of students requiring a needs assessment would have received additional support throughout their education due to individual needs.

How do I arrange a needs assessment?

If you are eligible to receive DSA funding then arranging a needs assessment with us is simple. Please contact with a copy of your eligibility confirmation and we will arrange a time to suit you. When we arrange a needs assessment we may ask a number of questions to ensure that we match you with the most appropriate professional for your needs.

DSA needs assessments identify the type of support students with disabilities would require to support them with any learning needs.

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