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Mainstream primary schools

Access to a specialist education and health team allows primary schools to provide a broad range of support for children with all levels of needs. Our education and health professionals work with mainstream primary schools to provide comprehensive, joined-up specialist services for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

What services do we provide to mainstream primary schools?

Our services can be separated into the following categories:

Each specialism provides services on an individual, group and whole school level. Assessments, interventions, training and consultancy are available for all levels of need.

How do we work with mainstream primary schools?

We work onsite with mainstream primary schools through working in partnership with children, education staff, external professionals and parents/carers. In addition to bespoke training for mainstream primary schools, we also run regular CPD events throughout the year. Schools who have a service level agreement with us can access our training events as well as other flexible services. Read more about service level agreements we offer.


Our training is available on and off site for education settings and organisations in relation to health, psychology and education.

How can mainstream primary schools refer to our specialist education and health services?

Mainstream primary schools can refer easily to our specialist education and health services. Referral can be done online , via emailing or through phoning 0330 088 8408.

Commission EHP

Our specialist multidisciplinary services can be commissioned through a service level agreement and as standalone input.

What are the benefits of using EHP?

There are many benefits of using EHP, and they can be seen within an individual and within a school as a whole. Each of our services bring a broad range of benefits with them. Overall benefits of using EHP include:

  • Having access to specialist education and health professionals
  • Receiving a high quality, comprehensive and joined-up service
  • Receiving a bespoke package of support
  • Identifying and addressing all levels of needs
  • A broad range of education and health services
  • A proactive and innovative approach

Price promise

We are happy to discuss how we can match or better any existing education and health provision you may be currently receiving from either the local authority or another provider.

Which children do we work with?

We work with the children you would like us to work with. As we work with all levels of need, we have an open referral policy. We can work with children in order to identify needs, to address existing needs or to maximise their learning.

Where do our services take place?

Our services mainly take place within your primary school, although we do have clinic spaces across Greater Manchester should this be more appropriate. Providing our services within a primary school facilitates a joined-up service and helps to generalise our input to the wider school life.


Our services can be funded through a variety of ways.

When would a mainstream primary school require input from EHP?

A mainstream primary school could require our input for various reasons. Each school is unique, as are the reasons for using our services. Reasons schools may require our input usually relate to:

  • Requiring multiple, co-ordinated professionals for individual children
  • Wanting to identify and address needs quickly
  • Supporting social, emotional and mental health needs
  • Wanting to put interventions or provision in place
  • Maximising all children's potential
  • Not knowing which professional to choose

EHP supports schools in fulfilling their roles, as set out in the SEND code of practice (2015), to meet the needs of children within their setting.

Where a pupil is identified as having SEN, schools should take action to remove barriers to learning and put effective special educational provision in place.

SEND code of practice (2015)

Teachers and practitioners in primary education need basic and ongoing training to promote young children's social and emotional wellbeing, provided by relevant training and education organisations.

NICE - Social and emotional wellbeing in primary education

Free initial discussion

We provide a free initial discussion as part of our cost effective service for education settings and organisations we have not previously worked with.

We provide a graduated approach to SEND including; whole school, targeted and specialist interventions. Our one place access to education and health professionals helps mainstream primary schools to support children in their school. If you would like to use our services, or would like to arrange a time for us to come into your primary school then please email us on or call us on 0330 088 8408.

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