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Association of Educational Psychologists (AEP)

All of our education and health professionals are members of professional bodies. Professional memberships include organisations which regulate professionals, and others which specialise in professional development.

What does AEP mean?

AEP stands for the 'Association of Educational Psychologists'.

What is the AEP?

The AEP is the professional association for educational psychologists in the UK and is exclusive to qualified and trainee educational psychologists. Membership is not compulsory for educational psychologists; some of our educational psychologists choose to be members of the AEP as it is a trade union which promotes and protects educational psychology as a profession.

What does the AEP do?

The AEP assists in educational psychology training doctorates to maintain a high standard of qualifications. The AEP works to raise the status of educational psychologists and to ensure that those working are fully qualified to do so. The AEP also promotes the development and wellbeing of children and young people, and is a trade union for educational psychologists.

Which of our team are registered with the AEP?

All of our educational and child psychologists  are registered with the AEP.

To find out more about the AEP visit their website.

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